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Any-Edge Inc.

Centralized the patients' health

About Any-Edge?

We are passionate about early detection of active inflammation, using biomarkers from non-invasive saliva and breath samples, and love to plan and perform dental treatments for our patients as a DDS.



Early detection, Low-cost, Super-fast

  • We provide the real-time platform that can detect the acid rate by pH in saliva

  • Specifically detects VSC gases molecules which are included in bad breath. Further, you can share the vital data with physicians or dentists as a telehealth service.

  • The kit can always calibrate the bio datasets which are provide to diagnose oral medical status in real-time.

Image by Quang Tri NGUYEN

>Overseas Events

  • TEDx Trento 2017 @Trento, Italy

  • Health Care Technological Innovation From Idea to Commercialization 2017 @Tel Aviv, Israel


  • Himss Europe 2018 & Health 2.0 @Barcelona, Spain

  • Denver Startup Week 2018 @Denver, USA

  • SETI; India-Japan Student Entrepreneur Training & Internship Program 2019 @Bangalore, India

  • Dalian University of Technology exchange program @Dalian, China

  • Code in Place 2021-23 @Stanford CS106A

  • Startup School @Y Combinator 2022

  • J-StarX B2MC 2023 @MassChallenge, Boston

  • JETRO GSAP 2023 @CIC, Boston

  • JETRO Philippines-Japan Pitch Event 2023 @Manila, Philippines

  • Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub 2024

  • Scaler8 Japan Market Discovery 2024 @Berlin, Germany


  • Global Design Hackathon 2017 Team Best Award

  • 日本生体医工学会関東支部若手研究者発表会2018(東京大学)

  • JIMTOF 2018 日本国際工作機械見本市(東京ビッグサイト)

  • 燕三条ものづくりメッセ 2018(燕三条リサーチコア)

  • 世界福祉機器展 2019(東京ビッグサイト)

  • Starters Pitch 2019 登壇(Startup Hub Tokyo・日本)

  • Startup Weekend Tokyo Robotics 2nd 2019 Winner

  • A Tech Ventures 2019 登壇(GRID・日本)

  • Global Innovation College 2018 Winner
    (Startup Hub Tokyo・日本)

  • Tech for Life 2019: Challenge day Winner(INDEE Japan・日本)

  • Kawasaki Deep Tech Accelerator 2020 採択

  • JICA 海外ICT企業協業支援事業 2021 採択
    (JICA & 株式会社日本開発サービス・日本)

  • 多摩イノベーションエコシステム促進事業ビジネスアイデア 2023 採択

Contct us

Apex Kyodo Bldg. 1st floor, 1-17-11 Kyodo, Setagaya Tokyo, Japan 156-0052


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